International Note — 22 July 2014
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Pinelli Joins Team Examining Post-Typhoon Philippines

A beach house in Tacloban, among the hardest hit cities.

Jean-Paul Pinelli joined a team of civil engineers dispatched to the Philippines earlier this year to assess the structural and “geosystem” damage wrought by Typhoon Haiyan.

The November 2013 storm, with winds reaching 195 mph, killed more than 6,200.

Pinelli, a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, joined the team from the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Technical Council on Forensic Engineering. According to the field report in the ASCE Roundup blog, the group had two goals: “collect perishable data on wind- and water-damaged structures from Typhoon Haiyan and correlate the data to the storm surge level from the coast to inland; and 2) to develop the framework and recommendations for future improvements to ASCE-recommended design and construction practices, including those specific to the forensic community regarding inspections of damaged structures.”

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