Headlines — 22 July 2014
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Biological Sciences Professor, Students Present at Conference

Richard Turner and graduate students (pictured, from left) Nicole W. Becker, Jennifer Seeley, Michelle Curtis, Brenna O. O’Neil and (not pictured) Helen M. Benson, attended the 7th North American Echinoderm Conference, an international conference held at University of West Florida in June. Turner an the students, with the exception of Curtis, presented oral papers. The paper’s presented were: “Mode of forking among astrophytons, with apologies to Theodore Lyman,” N.W. Becker and R.L. Turner; “Morphology and distribution of pedicellariae of basketstars and snakestars in the family Gorgonocephalidae,” B.O. O’Neill and R.L. Turner; “Sutures in vertebrae of ophiuroids,” J. Seeley and R.L. Turner; and “Fusion and confusion in echinoderm joints,” R.L. Turner and H.M. Benson.


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