Features Features (News) — 21 July 2014
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First Librarian-in-Residence Completes Fellowship

Wanda Perez

The university’s first-ever Librarian-in-Residence completed her month-long fellowship at Evans Library in May.

Wanda Pérez, an instructional librarian and associate professor at University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez Campus, delivered presentations to library staff during her fellowship.

Much of her work focused on better acclimating library staff to the specific challenges faced by international students and how best to ensure these students take full advantage of the library’s staff, materials and research options.

She worked with Dean of Libraries Sohair Wastawy, Holly Miller, director of the library’s research collection, and Kathy Turner, associate dean of libraries. Pérez also collaborated with Florida Tech’s Institute for Cross Cultural Management to find innovative ways to reach multinational companies.

One of her best experiences was giving a presentation entirely in English for the first time.

Pérez’s introduction to Florida Tech happened thanks to her daughter, Coralys, who graduated May 3 with a degree in forensic psychology. Knowing she would be staying with her daughter in Melbourne for the month, Perez-Rios contacted Florida Tech in March to enquire about working as a volunteer at the library while further improving her English.

Instead, Wastawy ended up offering the Librarian-in-Residence fellowship. Pérez said she was thrilled with the opportunity.

“I’m so grateful to Kathy, to Dr. Wastawy and all the librarians,” Pérez said. “It has been a great professional development experience.\”

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