Features Features (News) — 21 July 2014
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COS Faculty Take the (Very) Long View

The Hubble Space Telescope.

Two members of the Department of Physics and Space Sciences in the College of Science, Eric Perlman and Véronique Petit, have been awarded time on one of America’s most powerful – and famous –research tools: the Hubble Space Telescope.

Professor Perlman won time on the telescope for his proposal, “The Physics of the Jets of Powerful Radio Galaxies and Quasars.\” He is also co-investigator on three other proposals that received Hubble time and one archival proposal.

Jets are high-energy flows of matter and radiation that emerge from the host galaxy’s nuclear regions at nearly the speed of light.

Assistant Professor Petit will use Hubble to look at a massive magnetic star as part of her winning proposal, “Probing the extreme wind confinement of the most magnetic O star with COS spectroscopy.\” Such observations could not be done with a ground-based telescope.

Both Perlman and Petit expect to receive grants of up to $100,000 in association with their Hubble projects.


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