Headlines — 30 May 2014
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Phi Kappa Phi Inducts New Members; Bocinsky Named Chapter Scholar

Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Scholar Award winner John Bocinsky, center, is joined by Florida Tech Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Phi Kappa Phi member T. Dwayne McCay, left, Chapter Vice President Cecilia Knoll and Chapter Secretary Mary Bonhomme, far right.

The campus chapter of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society recently inducted 145 students and eight faculty and staff members at its annual initiation ceremony. The chapter also presented its Chapter Scholar Award and its $1,000 grant to John D. Bocinsky. A junior studying biomedical engineering, Bocinsky has a 4.0 GPA and a full schedule of activities beyond the classroom. The faculty and staff initiates were: Ismael Cremer, William Girton, Kevin B. Johnson, Caroline M. Johnston, Semen Koksal, Liam Mayron, Donn E. Miller-Kermani and Jennifer Christine Morin. Find out more about Phi Kappa Phi at http://phikappaphi.fit.edu/.

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