Features Features (News) — 29 May 2014
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Archives Exhibition Room Opens at Evans Library

An image from the early days of what became Florida Tech.

Part of Florida Institute of Technology’s Evans Library has been transformed into the University Archives Exhibition Room, an area that will highlight the university’s rich history and deep ties to the Space Coast.

The room’s first exhibit is “Vision Extraordinaire: The History of Florida Institute of Technology.” It features displays of documents, artifacts and more that mark key points in Florida Tech’s 56-year history.

There’s the basketball used in the basketball team’s first victory – a three-point win against Stetson University in January 1967. There’s a program from the 1962 commencement ceremony at what was then called Brevard Engineering College signed by astronaut Gus Grissom, the keynote speaker. There are railroad relics reflecting how, from 1912 to 1919, the Union Cypress Railroad carried cypress logs from swamps through what became Florida Tech’s campus on its way to the sawmill in Melbourne.

Overall, the exhibit will touch on four areas: Origins: People and Places; Confluence of Forces; The Institute; and A 21st Century University.

The opening of the exhibit and display space also marks the launch of Florida Tech’s digital Historical Timeline project. Viewable at the exhibit and at timeline.fit.edu, this component highlights the university’s most important moments since its founding in 1958.

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