International Note — 07 January 2014
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Internationalizing the Professionals

Curtis Curry leads the workshop.

How do you behave in differing international business settings? The answers are available in the Institute for Cross Cultural Management’s (ICCM) Cross-Cultural Competence workshop, which was held for Florida Tech staff for the fourth time this year in December, on campus. Led by independent consultant Curtis Curry, it’s geared for professionals who have regular contact with international workers, partners and customers.

“At Florida Tech, 30 percent of our ‘customers’ come from cultures other than the United States,” said Rich Griffith, ICCM director.

The workshop emphasizes awareness of U.S. cultural values, knowledge of cultural dimensions and their regional differences, and their impact in day-to-day work life. It was developed after an in-depth needs analysis conducted at the request of the Internationalizing the Campus Committee.

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