Headlines Headlines (News) — 18 November 2013
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What is the greatest strength of Evans Library?

Without a doubt, it’s our human intellectual capital—the library staff. Not only are they committed to learning and discovery, but they are also passionate about extending information service to our faculty and students. Libraries are no longer about the medium of information, that being books or even technology. They are about the human sociological structures we build around these media to enable learning. These structures are certainly human centered, and when we talk about restoring the human touch in libraries, we are talking about mediation performed by librarians and information professionals.

What new services do you hope to provide?

Other than acquiring new information resources and research material, we seek to provide an inspiring learning space where people can interact in the physical and virtual space to work together—a space that can become an intellectual and social platform for faculty and students showcasing innovative technology and university research achievements.

We want to give our students a new depth for their experience of the material they study where the structure, organization and presentation of knowledge become one large interconnected, vibrant, global, living web of concepts, ideas and facts, no longer parsed by any medium.

How do you see the future of Evans Library?

I see the library as an essential mediator of the accumulated scientific and cultural heritage of humanity, a place where the fluid merging of text and image, both still and video, and 3D virtual reality and augmented reality contribute to a better and deeper learning experience. It will be more of a place where people will experience learning in a new dynamic and enjoyable fashion.

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