Florida Tech is Here — 18 November 2013
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Florida Tech Is Here

At River’s Edge, online learning and the extended studies department took first prize in the Homecoming Office Decorating Contest, going over the top with their Wizard of Oz theme. The Kansas-Oz adventure started at the front door, stretched up the stairs with a tornado tunnel, continued down in the decorated elevator and meandered through halls and between buildings along the “crimson brick road.” This led to the Emerald Palace and the wizard himself, Gil Conradis. Witch’s hats off to these groups. For several photos, visit:


Taking a respectable second and third place were the Academic Support Center and Human Resources office. Student Activities coordinated.

PHOTO: From left, Extended Studies Department’s Julie Shankle and John Barranti and Online Learning’s Danielle Maltese and Alexis Klima.

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