Headlines Headlines (News) — 01 August 2013
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The name of the Freshman Advising Center has been changed to the office of First-Year Experience to reflect the focus on services to all first-time students on campus. To support this fresh approach to assisting transfer students, a new position has been created: Transfer Student Success Coordinator (TSSC).

Previously, all transfer students were advised only by faculty within their academic departments as those students were considered experienced in university life. However, records for the past two years show that at least 30 percent of those transferring to Florida Tech have less than 30 credit hours.

All transfer students with less than 30 hours will be assigned to the Transfer Student Success Coordinator, Jessica Ha. All transfer students with 30 hours or more will be assigned to a faculty advisor for academic advising. However, the TSSC will work with transfer students with more than 30 hours for non-academic matters.

“We want to send the message to all first-year students and their parents that we will do all that we can to ensure success and a comfortable transition during a student’s first year on our campus,” said Ray Bonhomme, director of First-Year Experience. Karyn Barber, Christopher Finn, Jennifer Lee and Trevor Williams will continue to advise all students in college for the first time as has been done for the past two years.

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