Headlines Headlines (News) — 01 August 2013
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Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer T. Dwayne McCay in June announced a leadership transition within the College of Aeronautics, effective Aug. 1.

Ken Stackpoole, dean of aeronautics and vice president for aviation programs, moves from the dean’s position to focus his attention and time on aviation programs. Korhan Oyman, current associate professor and former associate dean in the College of Aeronautics, becomes dean.

“With Florida Tech’s growing presence as a leader in international flight education, all of Dr. Stackpoole’s considerable talents will now be focused on elevating those efforts as vice president for aviation programs,” McCay said. “Dr. Oyman is an experienced leader and respected professional in his field. I’m pleased that he will lead the College of Aeronautics and focus on the day to day academic needs of our students.”

The university’s flight training program, FIT Aviation, has conducted flight training for several international aviation companies including Turkish Airlines of Turkey, Air Astana of Kazakhstan, Flybe of the UK, Gulf Air of Bahrain, Copa of Panama, and numerous self-pay students from all over Europe, with additional relationships expected in the future.

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