Headlines Headlines (News) — 29 May 2013
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Jumanji Is Tops in Freshman Rocket Launch Competition

Jumanji team with advisor Dan Kirk

The ninth annual Freshman Aerospace Practicum Rocket Launch competition took place April 27 with 80 aerospace engineering freshmen competing in 12 teams. The teams’ goal was to precisely fly their scratch-built rockets to a precise altitude of 1,000 feet.

“The teams fought it out through four rounds of launches with 37 rocket flights. The field and weather were unkind. By the end of the day, only six teams had rockets still intact (or something resembling intact). Duct tape, superglue and five-minute epoxy had become indispensible,” said advisor Dan Kirk. Finally, Team “Jumanji” flew to victory with a flight of 1,008 feet. Team “Betty” secured second place with a flight of 973 feet.

Controlling the event were the graduate students of Kirk: Joel Faure, Sunil Chintalapati, Charlie Holicke, and Darren Levine. David Moallem lent his Palm Bay property for the rocket launches.


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