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International Note: From Shanghai to Melbourne

Group lays foundation for cooperation.

Representatives of East China Normal University’s (ECNU) School of Psychology and Cognitive Science and the Department of Applied Psychology at Shanghai visited Florida Tech’s School of Psychology and Institute for Cross-Cultural Management during spring semester. They returned a visit that Dean Mary Beth Kenkel and faculty members Rich Griffith (ICCM director) and Bill Gabrenya made to their campus in 2012. The visits\’ purpose was to lay the groundwork for a variety of cooperative activities.

The prestigious ECNU psychology department, ranked third in China, complements the expertise of Florida Tech’s highly regarded Industrial/ Organizational Psychology program and the new Institute for Cross-Cultural Management (

The representatives learned about each other\’s faculty and programs, met students, and explored the social-cultural environments in which they live and work. ECNU visitors took an in-depth campus tour by Gordon Patterson, humanities and communication, and visited The Scott Center for Autism Treatment, with Ivy Chong. “The schools are working toward a memorandum of understanding, an official start to what we all hope will be a long-term, fruitful relationship,” said Gabrenya.

PHOTO: In the Board of Trustees Dining Room: Front row, from left: Ling Li (ECNU); Lisa Steelman (Florida Tech); Weiguo Pang (ECNU);Randall Alford (Florida Tech);Mary Beth Kenkel,dean of CoPLA holding a gift given to her by Dr. Pang); Wenhua Yan (ECNU);Monica Baloga (Florida Tech). Back row, from left: Richard Griffith (Florida Tech); Juzhi Xi (ECNU);Pei-Feng Hsu (Florida Tech); William Gabrenya (Florida Tech).


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