Most Valuable Panther — 05 December 2012
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November MVP Is Cindy Schmitt

Cindy Schmitt with COO and Executive Vice President T. Dwayne McCay

The November MVP is Continuing Education Director Cindy Schmitt.

Nominations for Cindy were numerous and effusive. Among them: “When anyone needs something, Cindy is there to listen and help to the utmost of her ability.”. . . “She is the best, most compassionate person I have ever worked for. . . . “She is a huge reason I enjoy coming to work each day.” . . .“She is an inspiring director and I highly respect her for a number of reasons.” . . . “She gives staff everything they need to be successful in their job.” . . . “Easily the best supervisor/boss I have ever had.” . . . “Cindy always goes above and beyond expectations because she truly cares about individuals, her area and the university.”

It sounds like there are many reasons to say, congratulations, Cindy!

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