Features Features (News) — 05 December 2012
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Not Too Early to Think Chopper Dropper

Measuring the distance of the balls from the flag in 2012

Sporting Affair and Chopper Dropper 2013 will be held March 15 at the Suntree Country Club. Sporting Affair is the university’s biggest fundraiser for athletics scholarships and Chopper Dropper, the helicopter drop of 2,000 numbered golf balls onto the green, is its key event.

Athletics Director Bill Jurgens announced some changes to Chopper Dropper from previous years, noting how the athletics program has expanded in 10 years. Competitive sports have grown from 11 to 21 and in that time the number of student-athletes has more than doubled, from 240 to 550.

To support the growth, Chopper Dropper tickets will be $100 each and the grand prize will double from $25,000 to $50,000. The number of winners will also increase, from 13 to 17. The second place prize will be $10,000 and there will be 15 $1,000 winners. Each ticket admits one person to the Sporting Affair reception.

For information about Chopper Dropper tickets, contact Matt Kilcullen, at ext. 8427, mkilcullen@fit.edu.

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