President’s Perspective — 22 October 2012
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It was my great pleasure to see you all at the State of the University Forum Oct. 10 and a joy to share good news. In fact, because much of it bears repeating, I want to reiterate many of the highlights from what was my annual address to faculty and staff. I am happy to say that the presentation came at a time when the state of the university has never been better.

Financially, we are in excellent shape with $160 million in revenues and $45 million in funded research. Our main concern is our endowment and we want to build that up. We look to a new capital campaign with a considerably higher goal than the last to enrich the endowment as well as raise money for bricks and mortar and other projects. Let’s all be fundraisers for Florida Tech.

We are experiencing expansion in many areas, including international pilot training. Dr. McCay is building relationships in China that make us expect to train a great number of Chinese commercial pilots here shortly. Our only problem with student growth on campus is beds, a problem we are addressing.

Our vision remains to become one of the top 10 technological universities in the world and people are taking us more seriously when we say that now. We are also committed to public service and continue to be the university of “High Tech with a Human Touch.” No student will ever be just a number at Florida Tech.

Again, I want to thank you for your part toward such a wonderful 10 years. The state of our university is excellent. You helped build it and you should be very proud.


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