Faculty and Staff News — 27 August 2012
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Faculty & Staff News

From left, Geoff Bodine; William Bauman, senior in mechanical engineering; and Dean of the College of Engineering Fred Ham in the COE machine shop.

College of Engineering

NASCAR legend and local businessman Geoff Bodine is serving as honorary advisor to Florida Tech’s student design motorsports teams in COE who are working on such projects as the concept car, mini Baja and formula SAE. Bodine will advise students on their designs.

Richard Ford has a new, additional title: CEO and president of AMTSO, the AntiMalware Testing Standards Organization.

Hector Gutierrez and Daniel Kirk co-authored the book chapter, “Biomarkers of Neuroglial Injury in Rat Models of Combat TBI: Primary Blast Over-Pressure Compared to Composite Blast.” The chapter will be in Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury. They were also invited speakers at the 2012 National Neurotrauma Conference in Phoenix, Ariz. They presented their findings on the physics and experimental aspects of simulating and capturing blast events.

A story on adjunct Mitch Roffer’s research on the bluefin tuna appeared in the NASA annual report.

For seven weeks over the summer, Chelakara Subramanian was a Distinguished Foreign Scientist at the National Aerospace Laboratory in Bangalore, India. He consulted on the design and development of low-speed wind turbines and gave several lectures, including “Wind energy harvesting: Challenges and possible solutions.”

College of Aeronautics

John Deaton participated in the “Teachers in Space—Space Medicine and Human Factors” Conference at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in July. The title of his presentation was “Living and working on Mars.”

College of Science

Rich Aronson’s Science paper on the fragility of coral reefs, published over the summer, was quoted in more than 75 media outlets, including the New York Times.

July 20, 2012 was the 10th anniversary of the discovery by Joe Dwyer, Hamid Rassoul and Florida Tech students of x-rays from triggered lightning at Camp Blanding. This event gave birth to the new field of study, High Energy Atmospheric Physics, and launched a major new area of research at Florida Tech, led by Dwyer.

Senior Johanna-Laina Fisher, who is advised by Marcus Hohlmann, was awarded a Hartmann student travel award to present the results of her research at the Division of Planetary Sciences Conference in Reno, Nev. She is studying the vertical temperature profiles of the Venus Express Orbiter data in comparison to a general circulation model at the terminators of Venus.

Terry Oswalt, Hakeem Oluseyi and Jingkun Zhao have been scheduled four nights, or about 80 hours of prestigious telescope time through the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. The award, valued at about $10,000, gives the scientists access to telescopes at such facilities as the Gemini Observatory, Kitt Peak National Observatory and Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory.

College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

Alison Betz presented the invited workshop, “Integrating research into clinical practice,” for STE Consultants in Berkeley, Calif.

Ivy Chong presented the invited workshop, “Linking Assessment to Treatment: From diagnosis to curriculum development,” at the 16th Annual Penn State National Autism Conference, held in State College, Pa.

Bill Gabrenya presented “Why do we need an international education special interest group?” in the invited symposium, Introducing the International Education Special Interest Group, of the 21st Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. It was held in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Under the leadership of Rich Griffith and the Institute for Cross Cultural Management (ICCM), a collaborative agreement with the University of Valencia in Spain was finalized. Starting this fall, selected students in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology master’s and doctoral programs will spend one semester abroad as part of the program’s increased international emphasis.

Maria Lavooy served as behavioral sciences special awards judge at the International Science and Engineering Fair held in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Josh Pritchard presented “Don’t shoot the messenger: Integrating behavior analysis, climate science and advertising tools to achieve policy reform” at the Association for Behavior Analysis International’s Behavior Change for a Sustainable World Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Supporting the presentation were his graduate student Anita Li and Ken Lindeman, College of Science, with his graduate student Lauren Dame.

Bob Taylor and Margaret Moore led operations and planning for 19 Taiwanese university students to spend three weeks on the Florida Tech campus in summer 2012. Taylor, Lisa Perdigao and Wanfa Zhang taught mini-courses on American foreign policy and modern American history and culture. The students also saw the sights, experiencing roller skating, bowling, deep sea fishing and a visit to St. Augustine.

Brevard Healthcare Forum Executive Director Kristi Van Sickle ’03 M.S., ’06 Psy.D., was awarded the Judy E. Hall Early Career Psychologist Award by The National Register of health Service Providers in Psychology (National Register).

Frank Webbe has been nominated and will appear on the ballot to be president elect of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

David Wilder made the invited presentation, “Following instructions: Increasing compliance among children with autism and related disabilities,” at the 16th Annual Penn State National Autism Conference, held in State College, Pa.

Jessica Wildman’s paper, “A paradigm shift in cultural training: Culture-general characteristics of culturally competent forces,” will be published in Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference 2012. The paper, co-written by industrial-organizational psychology graduate students Thomas Skiba, Brigitte Armon and Rana Moukarzel, will be presented at the conference in Orlando.

The Florida Beer Company Pro Tennis Tournament at the Kiwi Tennis Club generated $35,000 for the Scott Center for Autism Treatment. The fundraiser supports the Aces for Autism program started by tennis coach Bill Macom. “Aces” offsets the cost of the classes on social skills for children on the autism spectrum, ages 5-14.

Nathan M. Bisk College of Business

Catherine Cook attended the Paris International Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences Research at the Hotel Concorde La Fayette, where she presented her paper, “Servant sustainship business education for sport professionalization.”

Ami Dutta has published “Persistence in mutual fund returns: Evidence from China” in the International Journal of Business and Social Science.

Tim Muth spent 15 days in Haiti this summer. He’s involved in a Haitian charity, Hearts Out to Haiti, which provides educational support to three remote mountain Haitian villages. During the trip, Muth led a team of eight volunteers that conducted summer school-like activities for over 1,000 Haitian children.

John Patton has published “Sovereign wealth funds in a globalized world” in International Business: Research, Teaching and Practice.

Human Centered Design Institute

Guy Boy was invited to speak at TEDx Sugarland in Houston, Texas, this August. His talk, “Human-centered design: A STEAM renaissance,” focused on STEM studies.

Continuing Education

Senior Director Cindy Schmitt and Rhoda Baggs, computer information systems, coauthored “Pedagogies for Teaching Online,” which was presented at the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research, Education and Communication. This was part of the 16th Annual World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, held in Orlando.

Department of Extended Studies

Spaceport (Titusville) Site: Ralph Harper’s paper, “Transportation solutions for catastrophic natural disasters,” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Global Intelligence & Policy.

Hampton Roads, Va., Site: A paper by Denise Siegfeldt, Alexa Hollinshead and Kelwyn D’Souza, “Innattention while driving: The effects of cognitive driving distractions,” was accepted for presentation at the National Conference on Intermodal Transportation to be held at Hampton University, Hampton, Va.

External Relations

Winston Scott was honored at the Patriot Dinner held in Indialantic by the organization, Honor America. Also among the 13 people honored was Trustee Travis Proctor ’98.

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