Headlines Headlines (News) — 23 August 2012
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WFIT’s Sonny Marble Celebrates 90th

On Aug. 22, family, friends and fans came out to celebrate long-time WFIT show host Sonny Marble’s 90th birthday. The festivities started off with a musical performance of one of Sonny’s own pieces, then Marble took the stage, reminiscing about his life’s greatest achievements and best memories.

Born in Worcester, Mass., he was awarded a Bronze Medal for Meritorious Service in Combat for WWII\’s Battle of the Bulge. He graduated from Brooklyn Conservatory in 1954 and later taught private piano in Melbourne. He has published two music books.\\

WFIT\’s Music at Dusk, with host Sonny Marble, has been on the air since 1975. This show features primarily classical music of the baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary eras. Marble informs listeners with a wealth of knowledge on the history of classical music; they are often surprised to hear some familiar tunes they may not have realized were originally classical pieces.

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