Headlines (News) — 22 August 2012
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Meet the Student Government Association

From left are Rachelle Saint-Fort, Brian Thai and Carla Deras. Not pictured: Josh Goldfarb.

Meet the Student Government Association (SGA) leaders. They are President Brian Thai, from Atlantic City, N.J.; Vice President Carla Deras, from San Salvador, El Salvador; Treasurer Josh Goldfarb, from Viera; and Secretary Rachelle Saint-Fort, from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but most recently from Tallahassee. Pictured from left are Saint Fort, Thai and Deras.

Thai is a senior and aerospace engineering major: “I want to provide inspiration for getting involved and for students to feel empowered on campus. I hope to provide opportunities for students to develop and nurture their potential and become great scholars, athletes and leaders.”

Deras is a senior and aerospace and mechanical engineering major; Goldfarb is a senior and electrical engineering major; and Saint-Fort is a senior and biomedical sciences major.

We wish them all the best!

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