Features Features (News) — 09 July 2012
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Mitra’s Patented Technology Detects Skin Cancer

Kunal Mitra, mechanical and aerospace engineering, has been issued a patent for a laser-based skin cancer detection and treatment system, which may be used in a doctor’s office or specialty imaging center. The system is designed to reduce or replace time-consuming biopsies for detecting skin cancer cells in a patient.

“There is a sharp contrast in the absorption images of normal cells and cancerous cells, which can be detected using the short pulse laser system by measuring the reflected optical signals for the scanned area. The laser-based system can image and display healthy cells to reduce the need for painful biopsies,” said Mitra.

College of Engineering Dean and Harris Professor for Electrical Engineering Fred Ham lauds Mitra: “Dr. Mitra has been instrumental in establishing a solid biomedical research program at Florida Tech in the College of Engineering.

Florida Tech has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Hart Rank Investments, which has formed Med-Pulse. The company was granted an exclusive, worldwide license from Florida Tech for the technology.

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