Headlines Headlines (News) — 09 July 2012
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Cosentino Earns $250,000 Contract for Ground Tire Rubber Research

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has granted a $250,000 research contract to Paul Cosentino, civil engineering. The two-year contract calls for Cosentino’s research team to determine how ground tire rubber (GTR), which is manufactured from recycled tires, can be blended with roadbed soils from around Florida to improve its engineering properties.

“The objective of our research is to determine the key pavement engineering properties for blends of GTR and highway sub-grade soils. With these findings, we will develop recommendations detailing how the acceptable blends should be used in FDOT’s highways,” said Cosentino.

Participating in the effort are David Horhota, FDOT project manager, and Albert Bleakley, Florida Tech Construction Management Program, co-principal investigator with Cosentino. The graduate research team includes Amir Mohammad Sajjadi, Thaddeus J. Misilo III and Alex Armstrong.



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