Features Features (News) — 09 July 2012
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COB Accountability Institute Rates Transparency of State Data

Florida Earns a B+
Some state governments are much better than others at providing transparency in access to their spending data, according to new results from the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business’ Activity-Based Total Accountability (ABTA) Institute. The ABTA Institute mission is to provide and promote simplified accountability measures and cost/performance comparisons for effective decision making by government leaders.

Based on website analyses, all 50 states earn A to F grades on the institute’s report card at http://abta.fit.edu/report_card. They range from the best—A-minus grade states of Indiana, New Jersey and Utah, to nine states with a grade of F, with states earning B, C and D grades in between. Florida is rated B-plus, ranking fourth out of 50.

“This effort creates transparency in government spending to serve the taxpayer,” says ABTA Institute Director Deborah Carstens, COB. For information on what went into the ratings, see the reports and tables at: http://abta.fit.edu/data.

The institute was founded in 2008 with a Florida Department of Education grant that received additional funding in 2011 with a U.S. Small Business Administration grant. For more information, contact Carstens at Carstens@fit.edu.

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