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Florida Tech Surf Team Takes Second at NSSA East Coast Conference

The Florida Tech surfing team won the championship title for the season in the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) Regionals. The team then took second place in the NSSA 20th Annual East Coast Championships at New Smyrna Beach, April 12-15.

In the regionals, Sebastian Moreno finished first in the Men’s Shortboard final with an aerial maneuver in the last seconds of his performance. Co-captain Justin Ellingham finished second; teammates Billy Scott and Aaron Privett finished fourth and sixth respectively. In the Men’s Longboard category, Will Cole finished second and teammate Privett finished third. Other teammates who participated in the contest include Pat Reilly and Ryan Barnett; Allison Randolph and Ashley Privett, who finished fifth and sixth in the Women’s Division.

The Florida Tech Student Government Association sponsors the surf team. The team is accepting sponsorships and donations to help its members compete in the national championships in California in June. For more information, send an email to Moreno at

PHOTO: Aaron Privett

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