Features Features (News) — 26 March 2012
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Croaking Good for Healthy Habitats

Where frogs and toads flourish, so do healthy habitats. To identify these habitats and keep one hop ahead of emerging ecological issues, Florida Tech researchers are creating a frog call recognition application. Funded by a National Science Foundation grant of more than $348,000 the project makes novel use of mobile devices and local youths.

The project is led by Mark Bush, professor of biological science. Eraldo Ribeiro and Ronaldo Menezes, both Florida Tech associate professors of computer science, will develop the application and students will be involved in beta testing and in recording frog calls for a sound library.

“Our application will cover all species of in the nation,” said Bush. Scientific evidence suggests that faltering amphibian populations may presage wider ecological problems, making it important to document where species are most affected. The web domain is WhatFrog.org.

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