Headlines — 13 December 2011
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FIT Aviation Flight Hours Soar Past Last Years Number

FIT Aviation has seen a dramatic rise in its flight hours, from last year’s 31,674 hours to an estimated 52,000 hours this year.

Winston Scott, dean, College of Aeronautics, said, “52,000 hours is a very impressive amount of flying for any collegiate flight program. As I recall, we flew approximately 10,000 hours just three years ago.”

According to Glenn Vera, FIT Aviation director, the 62 percent increase is due to a larger flight student enrollment brought by three contributing factors. They are a new contract with Turkish Airlines, an increase in students enrolled in the Pilot Training College (PTC), and an increase in enrollment of flight students from other countries.

“The new contract with Turkish Airlines enables students to train for their private pilot’s license then eventually for their commercial multi-engine license,” said Vera. “The first Turkish students arrived in July 2010 and 160 students have enrolled in the program to date. The PTC has seen enrollment from 50 students in December 2008 to 170 students today.”

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