Headlines — 21 September 2011
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Promotions: John Sweeney, Security; Susan Erickson, Scott Center; Claire Wurmfeld, Financial Affairs; Nathaniel Miller, Evans Library; and Brenda Brown, Controller’s Office.

New Hires: Matt Kilcullen, assistant vice president, athletic fundraising, Development; Jay Johnson, head athletic trainer, Athletics; Kenneth Russell and Ann Marciano, Security; Toni Aulabaugh, Graduate Admissions; Robert Carver, Registrar; Jonyelle Meyers, Financial Aid; Helen Jennings, Business and Retail Operations; John Rodgers, Evans Library; Patrick Weatherford, Redstone Extended Studies Site; Bo Cui, Department of Marine and Environmental Systems; and, Jacqueline Borsanyi, Jose Marquez, Tina Murray, Barbara McMillan, Sheldon Malkin, Laura Settembrino and Fabielle Georges, FOOSANER ART MUSEUM.

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