Headlines Headlines (News) — 21 September 2011
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Cool Pool Panther

A life-size bronze Florida Panther is an elegant addition to the new Panther Aquatic Center where it now stands. The panther is on permanent loan from Trustee John Slack who bought the sculpture 25 years ago at an auction. Formerly stationed next to a coconut tree on his beachside property, the panther’s realism, he said, used to give people a start.

Slack, who has been a Florida Tech trustee since the late ’80s, was formerly CEO, president and chairman of DBA Systems, now a part of L3. He is currently chairman of the board of competitive intelligence company ARDAK Corp.

“We are very fortunate to have this beautiful and appropriate original piece of art on our campus,” said Ken Stackpoole, senior vice president and chief development officer.

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